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Video Marketing Secrets

Almost Free Products Club Rocks! Video is a great way to get links and traffic to your site—and it's a whole lot easier than most people think.

While this video series is called Video Marketing Secrets, that doesn't mean it's only for product vendors. You can use video to drive traffic to any kind of website, from a personal site or blog to a full-blown ecommerce site.

Video Marketing also works great for building a mailing list.

How would you answer any of these questions:

If you said yes to any of theose questions then Video Marketing Secrets may be just what you need to take your website to the next level. Here's what you'll discover in this informative, affordable video series:

Video 1: Overview (5:03)
This video gives you an overview of video marketing.

Video 2: First Steps (9:45)
This video walks you through the two key preparation steps: keyword selection and how to find free content (of course, you can write your own content too). These steps aren't difficult, but they are necessary in creating a successful video marketing campaign.

Video 3: Preparing the Content (11:39)
This shows you where to get the free software to make a video and how to prepare the content for a simple video. That's right, you'll be using free software. This is video marketing on a zero or almost-zero dollar budget! The only thing you may want to buy is a cheap microphone (under $10) for your computer if you don't have one, and that's only if you want to add narration to the video.

Video 4: Creating and Distributing Your Video (7:30)
Here you take a walk through the step-by-step process of creating a video. It's really much easier than most people think who haven't done this before. You'll also learn how to add your video to YouTube, the king of video traffic.

Video 5: Document Sharing (4:02)
The first four steps is all you need, but this step shows you how to repurpose the exact same content you prepared for the video into a PDF document and where to distribute it. In only minutes and you'll be able to add important new traffic sources and links to your site.

Video 6: Conclusion (5:11)
This video wraps it all up and shows you how to add hundreds of new links to your site using the content you've already created.

Creating Videos is EASY!

I can't emphasize this enough—creating videos this way is pretty darned easy. The software is free. Even if you end up deciding you don't like making videos, you can outsource it for as little $5 and you'll still know how to put them to use in the marketing of your website or blog.

If you're ready for the next step in your success path, I've made it very affordable for you.

Video Marketing Secrets
Yes, I want to take the next step on my path to website success!

Video Marketing Secrets is just $17 if you order today.

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