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About This Article
This is one of the articles from the reprintable content section. Reprintable content is content you can use on your web page or in your newsletter as long as you abide by the Terms of Use, which are quite fair and easy. This article is from the humor section.

At the time of this writing the type of reprintable content includes humor, life/inspirational/spiritual, trivia quizzes, internet/computers, brain builders, and mini-articles. Mini-articles are 250 words or less for the places where you need a little filler material. There is also a miscellaneous section which can be about anything I found interesting. This section, like the others, will always be expanding to include more and more content.

Another Telemarketer Meets "The Foil"
Another telemarketer met "The Foil"   ...me. For the record, I always give them a chance to get off the line without a hassle, it's the ones who think they're going to BS their way past my first rebuff that get the royal treatment.

*ring ring*

Me: Hello.
TM: Hello, Mr. Gaskill?

Me: Yes.
TM: Mr. Gaskill, this is Mark from SomeCompany and I'm calling to inform you that you've won a free psychic reading. Does that interest you, Mr. Gaskill?

Me: You're the psychic, you tell me.
TM: No, I'm not the psychic, I contact interested parties and give them the toll free number to call for their free reading.

Me: I'm not interested (the rebuff, hang up pal or get the treatment).
TM: Mr. Gaskill, this is a completely free call with no obligation whatsoever.

(he didn't take no for an answer, now he's in for it)

Me: What's in it for me?
TM: As I said, a free psychic reading.

Me: What's it cost?
TM: It's free, would you like me to repeat the offer?

Me: You said you contact interested parties. What made you think I was an interested party, Betty?
TM: It's Mark, and I'm calling to see if you are interested.

Me: So you don't contact interested parties like you said, you contact anyone and then try to determine if they're interested. Is that correct, Edna?
TM: It's Mark, and yes that's correct, now if I can just verify the informa...

Me (interrupting his attempt to verify whatever information he wanted to verify): Why did you lie to me then, Susan? That really hurts.
TM: I didn't mean to, I mean, you're difficult to talk to.

Me: Can you give my dog a reading? I forgot to get her a birthday present and she just turned 3 today.
TM: Are you kidding?

Me: Yeah, but don't tell my dog, she's getting really excited. Are you a member of the foofingoofer party, Agnes?
TM: Am I what?

Me: A member of the foofingoofer party . . . I don't trust foofingoofers, not even for my dog's reading.
TM: We don't do dog readings sir.

Me: Oh, so you discriminate against animals then. I'm calling the ASPCA. What's your name, Hortence?
TM: It's Mark. We don't give out our last names.

Me: Aha! So you don't want to be identified. What have you got to hide, Carol with no last name?
TM: I take it you're not interested?

Me: I told you that in the beginning but you wanted to waste my time so I wasted your time too. Would you like to waste some more time, Gertrude?
TM: *click*

You know, sometimes I almost enjoy persistent telemarketers.

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