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About This Article
This is a sample computer tip selected from over 100 tips in the member's area. The tips are not written by a computer technician, so they don't go into great technical details. They're mostly practical tips for the average home user.

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Computer Tips Sample
This is a little known trick that thousands of people pay computer technicians to perform, and many times it's all they have to do to correct a problem.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a piece of hardware stops working, like a scanner, perhaps? It could be a hardware conflict, a corrupted file, a software conflict, or any of several others causes.

When you've exhausted all your methods for trying to fix the problem and have not succeeded, you have two choices. You can take it to a computer technician and let him or her fix it, or you can do for yourself what they often do. This is a little secret they probably don't want you to know because they get a pretty good fee for simply doing this, and if you know to do it they lose easy income.

  1. Open your Control panel.
  2. Double-click the Sytems icon.
  3. In Windows 98 select the Device Manager tab.
  4. In Windows XP click Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button.
  5. Remove the device that isn't working properly.
  6. Re-boot your computer.
Windows plug and play capabilities will identify your non-functioning device , which will be a new device to it now, and the system will reactivate it for you. If there is any software needed for the devices you remove, you'll want to have that handy in case it needs to be re-installed. Many times this will fix the problem. And to think, you could have paid someone $75.00 to do that for you!

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