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About This Article
This is a sample computer tip selected from over 100 tips in the member's area. The tips are not written by a computer technician, so they don't go into great technical details. They're mostly practical tips for the average home user.

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Computer Tips Sample
If you keep the fonts installed on your computer to a minimum you'll enjoy a faster computer. But what about the times when you want to use a fancy font that's not installed?

You could install it and uninstall it, but there is an easier way. This is a little known trick to temporarily install a font.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Open your font folder.
  3. Double-click the font you want to use, it will open in a preview window.
At this point, the font is temporarily installed. Open the program you want to use the extra font in, and do your thing. When you're finished, just close the font preview window and the font is no longer installed. Way Cool!

Note: You need to open the font first, then the program you want to use it in. If you open the program first, the font won't be in the font list.

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