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About This Article
This is a sample computer tip selected from over 100 tips in the member's area. The tips are not written by a computer technician, so they don't go into great technical details. They're mostly practical tips for the average home user.

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Computer Tips Sample
Question: How do I change my system sounds?

Answer: Let's face it, Bobalooey, after hearing the same old sounds for the gazillionth time they can get old. You can change the sounds your computer makes for various events.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Sounds icon.
  3. Select the Sounds tab, if necessary.
  4. Select the sound event you want to change.
Additional Notes
  • You can play the sound associated with a sound event by highlighting the event and clicking the right-pointing arrow.
  • Click the drop-down menu to pick a new sound in your Media folder, or...
  • Click the Browse button to pick a sound from another folder on your computer.
  • The sound you pick must be a wave file.
  • Some events have no sound associated with them. There will be a little speaker icon next to events that do have a sound associated with them.
  • You can also add a sound to events that currently have no sound associated with them. Just click the event and choose a sound as you would change a sound.
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