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About This Article
This is a sample from dozens of questions submitted by our newsletter subscribers that we've answered. In each issue we entertain one question from subscribers and answer it to the best of our ability. This is in addition to the Webmaster's Q & A column.

The questions, as the title of the column implies, can be about anything. Most subscribers use it as an opportunity to ask personal questions or questions about life in general, although other kinds of questions have found their way into this column as well.

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Ask Anything Q & A Sample
Question: Do you believe in fate?

- Submitted by Donna Q.

Answer: It depends how you define fate, I suppose. I don't think there's anything that is set in stone before we put the law of cause and effect into motion. We have free will and can make our choices, but once a choice is made we'll experience the fate that making that choice brings, but we could have made a different choice and experienced a different fate.

If you want to call the law of cause and effect fate, then yes, I believe in it. I don't believe fate is an event or events that are waiting "out there" for us no matter what we do. If things were preordained like that we wouldn't really have free will and the law of cause and effect would not be a universal law, and we know it is.

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