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About This Article
This is one of the articles from the reprintable content section. Reprintable content is content you can use on your web page or in your newsletter as long as you abide by the Terms of Use, which are quite fair and easy. This article is from the trivia quiz section.

At the time of this writing the type of reprintable content includes humor, life/inspirational/spiritual, trivia quizzes, internet/computers, brain builders, and mini-articles. Mini-articles are 250 words or less for the places where you need a little filler material. There is also a miscellaneous section which can be about anything I found interesting. This section, like the others, will always be expanding to include more and more content.

What the Hue?
This is a colorful quiz! I'm sure you'll pick up on the reason why before too long if you stop to pink about it. Sorry about the pun, it just slipped out. I'll teal you white, I won't make any more puns using colors if you promise not to get mad and yellow at me, and you have to promise not to get violet and hit me too. I'm such a maroon, I blue it again. Oh well, olive it down.

Well, that's my warm-up for you. Orange you glad that's over? It's time to play a colorful trivia game. The top two scores get to paint mustaches on each other.

  1. Until recently, crash test dummies were required by law to wear:
    a. white jump suits   
    b. orange vests   
    c. pink underwear
  2. The study of how color affects mood is called:
    a. color psychodynamics   
    b. saturanetics   
    c. hue spectrametrics
  3. The Libyan flag is the only national flag that is one color. It's:
    a. green   
    b. yellow   
    c. blue
  4. What color is purported to counter physical fatigue?
    a. yellow   
    b. white   
    c. red
  5. In show biz, the "green room" is where actors:
    a. rehearse   
    b. relax   
    c. get make up put on
  6. A "roan" colored horse is:
    a. all black   
    b. brownish with gray & white   
    c. gray and brown
  7. What's the most popular toothbrush color?
    a. white   
    b. blue   
    c. green
  8. What color is the 1-ball in a game of billiards?
    a. green   
    b. yellow with a white stripe   
    c. yellow
  9. Until 1962, the "peach" colored Crayola crayon was called:
    a. flesh   
    b. ochre   
    c. ecru

Show Answers


9 correct: You've earned a gold star and a mustache!
6-8 correct: You've earned a silver star and a black eye!
2-5 correct: Aren't you glad it wasn't a fill in the blank quiz?
0-1 correct: Being colorblind is a bummer, isn't it?

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