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Kindle Cash: How to Publish Yourself on Kindle for Fun and Profit

Kindle Cash: How to Publish Yourself on Kindle Kindle Cash should interest everyone who writes and wants to earn money from their writing, or just wants to see their words published for the fun of it.

Over 22 million Kindle devices were sold in the first half fo 2010 alone. The ebook market for the Kindle is huge, huge, HUGE!

You can publish any kind of writing you do for the Kindle:

Publish your writing for the Kindle and let Amazon sell it for you! Not only can you make money, but being a published author can elevate what other people think of you. Just think how "Author of ..." will look on your résumé, or how impressed your clients and potential clients will be!

Honestly, even your family will be impressed that you have a book for sale on Amazon. Mine was.

Don't worry, publishing for the Kindle isn't that technical. Here's what you get with Kindle Cash:

Kindle Bullet A 29-page illustrated PDF ebook that shows you step-by-step exactly how to get your writings published for the Kindle and added to the Kindle Store.

Kindle Bullet A pre-formatted template you can use with software you probably already own. If not, don't worry, I'll show you where to get free software that works great. This template has just the right page size and margins for the Kindle. This will allow you to see your work as Kindle readers will see it, even if you don't own a Kindle!

Kindle Bullet A special report on how to create a good title for your book.

Kindle Bullet Six cover designs in the correct size. You can view my examples and then load the template into a graphics program and add your own text.

Kindle Bullet 6 Videos for those who learn better by watching and listening than by reading. I didn't make the videos, but I had to a chance to pick up the rights to them for a good price so I thought I'd do that for you. The videos cover:

Video #1: Introduction to Amazon Kindle and eBook Creation
In this video you will learn which tools you need to get started and how it all works so you know what to expect before we even get started. The needed tools you probably have, if not, free alternatives are linked.
Video #2: Brainstorming and Researching Your Market
You'll learn how to pick topics that sell so you won't be writing for a market that doesn't exist.
Video #3: Writing an eBook that Sells
In this video you'll discover tips and tricks to help your eBook sell better in the Kindle market place.
Video #4: Formatting your eBook
This isn't hard, but you have to get it right to make your eBook easy to read on the Kindle. Get this wrong and you'll ruin your chances to have repeat customers. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of business.
Video #5: Publishing and Pricing with Amazon DTP
If you don’t understand Amazon’s two royalty levels you can decrease the amount of money you get. In this video you will discover how to price your book, and then you will get to see step-by-step how to publish a book using Amazon’s DTP platform.
Video #6: Promoting Your Kindle eBook
Amazon takes 24-48 hours to approve and publish English language books, a day longer for others—that's very fast! Now that your eBook is published, while you can make sales just being on Amazon’s marketplace, but you can make more if you "help" Amazon promote it. This video shows some simple ways to promote it.

When I bought those videos the suggested selling price was $47, but I'm not pricing Kindle Cash that high. As part of my "affordable quality" rebellion against high prices, Kindle Cash is just $27, and that includes the eBook, the templates, the videos, the special report and the cover designs.

Free Bonus Products!

I'm also including 101 Writing Tips (a $17 product I sell every day on BoogieJack.com) for a limited time. Order below and you could be published on Kindle in a day or two—it's time to get paid for your writing!

That's not all, I'm also include my Amazon's CreateSpace Quickstart. As long as you have the book written for the Kindle, you might as well sell a print version too! CreateSpace Quickstart Guide will help you do that.

And that's not even all . . . there are two more surprise bonuses!

Inner Circle members: Log in to the member's area to buy, you can pick up this entire package for just $17—WOW! An Inner Circle membership saves you money, and this is just the beginning!

Kindle Cash
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Yes, I want to be published and I want to earn money from my books!

Note: Click the return to merchant link after you order and you'll be taken to the download page so you can get started immediately.

Buy with Paypal or your regular credit card.

Click for everything at an insanely low price!

Important Note: Once you discover how easy it is to publish for the Kindle you could start a second income stream formatting books for other writers—except the ones smart enough to grab Kindle Cash for themselves!