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What's here? HTML tutorials, XHTML tutorials, CSS (cascading style sheets) tutorials, JavaScript, webmaster software and more.

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What's in the member's area?

You can sample a little of our content using the links in the right-hand column. The content in the members-only area includes:
World-class Tutorials
Over 80 (and still growing) HTML, CSS, and XHTML tutorials written in plain English, with a dash of humor, and as little technical jargon as possible. You'll also find articles on topics such as color theory, image use, content creation and other topics of interest to webmasters.
Superb Reference Charts
Thirty HTML/XHTML and CSS reference charts, all nicely colored for easy reading. With these at-a-glance charts you'll easily learn what various elements, attributes, selectors and properties do and how to use them. A glossary of Internet terms is also included.
Webmaster's Q & A
Questions about web design and related matters that have been posed by our newsletter subscribers are answered in this content section.
Reprintable Content
Membership includes collection of original content you can reprint on your web site or in your newsletter as long as you include the credits. Topics include humor, life, inspirational stories, internet and computers, trivia quizzes and more.
Original Graphics
A growing collection of graphics includes all kinds of background images, with buttons, banners, and full web designs to be added in the near future. Because these are only available to members, you won't find these designs all over the web like public collections.
Online Utilities
Online utilities include menu generators, a banner maker, colored scrollbar code generator, email cleaner, pop-up window code generator and more.
Computer Tips
Over 100 computer tips for Windows 98 and Windows XP to help making computing a little easier. We're not trained technicians, but we do have a lot of experience.
Free Things!
Exclusive fonts not found anywhere else, software, ebooks, and a few special items from time to time. We also gave away almost $90,000 worth of freebies to members during our Grand Opening drawings. More drawings will be held from time to time, it was fun for all! The value of the available freebies is usually worth more than a membership costs.
Discount Center
Several times each year we arrange for software discounts from various merchants. These are exclusive discounts only available to our members. Discounts usually range from 10 to 50 percent off! HTML editors, sound editors, CSS editors, shopping carts, flash animation tools, MP3 utilities, games and more have all been featured before.
Life Design
The member's site isn't just about web design—because the success you experience online is directly related to your overall understanding of life, we also feature Life's Little Goodies and an Ask Anything section. We call this Life Design.
Life's Little Goodies
Life's Little Goodies is a mix of articles designed to enlighten, motivate, inspire, comfort, or just plain make you think. It's food for your brain. You will rise no higher in life than your thoughts can take you, Life's Little Goodies will help you think deeper, better, and clearer.
Ask Anything
Having been asked all kinds of questions over the years—about relationships, fate, life's calling, criticism, behavior, boredom, loss, character, or dozens of other topics—we do our best to provide answers that can help.
That's a lot of stuff for such a low membership fee. We strongly feel joining i-webmaster.org is one of the best bargains on the Internet. But . . . there's even more planned!

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The tutorials and reference charts on this site were written and designed by Dennis Gaskill, author of the book Web Site Design Made Easy. This book, now in the third edition, is used as the teaching text at hundreds of high schools and colleges nationwide and other English speaking countries.
Feel free to sample a little of the members-only content with the links below. This is a very small representation of the hundreds of pages you'll find on the inside.

As for the tutorials samples, these are random samples, not in sequence. If you don't understand some of them, you would if you read the tutorials that precede them.

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