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eBook Farming

How to Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas

I admit it, I thought putting the phrases eBook Farming and Grow Money together was a clever idea 5 years ago when I titled this ebook. I've sold a ton of copies, but I've also learned a lot since then.

fake check Aside from the fact a lot of people didn't make the connection, it isn't really about growing money, it's about creating income streams. How's this check for the first two weeks in May look for an income stream? If you can't read it, it's for $23,004.54!

Wow! Can you believe that?

You shouldn't believe it, because I made that image in a graphics program. The only check that big I've ever received is when I sold a house.

Why did I trick you?
I did it to illustrate a point. A lot of marketers are putting up earning statements to convince you that their product really works. Maybe some of them make that kind of money, maybe not. The point is, it's easy to fake, and even if its true, that's them, not you. They're playing with your emotions.

Do you like being toyed with?

It's a deceptive pratice because it implies you'll make that much money too . . . if you buy their product, of course. I pledge not to treat you like the village idiot with my sales pitch. Fair enough?

I'll go you one better, I'll even poke a little fun at the whole sales copywriting process along the way to make it more interesting. Oh, and I want to doubt my every word. Look for trickery or hype. I want you to be your most skeptical because I know I'll have your attention that way.

Here's another heading.
All good sales copy needs lots of headings! It keeps people with short attention spans reading, not that YOU have a short attention span, just some people.

Since you're still reading, you must be interested in making money online. The question is, whose product will you buy? Will it be from someone who plays you for a fool selling castles in the air, or someone like me who simply tells you the truth and lets you make up your mind based on truth and reason rather than emotionalism and false hope?

You may be asking yourself, "What does this guy know that can help me?"

I know how to create and sell products without being deceitful. I sell enough that I earn my living at it. So what kind of business do you want, one that leaves you feeling dirty or one that lets you have a clear conscience?

Every good sales copy needs bullet points!
What a coincidence, here are some bullet points now telling you about eBook Farming:
  • You can learn how to create your own highly profitable ebooks.
  • You can create multiple ebooks to have multiple income streams.
  • You don't have to have an idea of what to write about now, you'll learn that.
  • Everything you need to get started is included, even the software to create PDF ebooks.
  • You can even use the bonus products I give you as your bonus products!
  • You can also make money giving away free ebooks. Really!
You may be wondering why I wrote a sales pitch that jumps back and forth between making good selling points and mocking the whole sales process. It's simple, it's kept you reading. I'm good at what I do, and I can teach my methods to you.
Is this your next question:
Okay Dennis, how much can I make if I buy your product?

And my answer is—how the heck would I know??? I don't know you. I don't know how much you'd work at it. I don't know what kind of personality you have. I don't know what kind of information you'd try to sell. For all I know you might want to sell a 48 page manual teaching how to boil water. Yeah, that would work . . . not.

Look, if you buy eBook Farming and just sit on it you won't make a dime. If you read it and take action, you have a very good chance of at least generating a small second income. If you immerse yourself into the ideas and work hard you might create a substantial second income. And if you work hard at it and you're good, you might turn that second income into your primary income and you can work for yourself from home like I do. That'll save you some gas money!

For me, selling information is what I do for a living. Maybe you can too, but not if you don't give yourself a chance. Selling your own ebooks can mean as little as a few extra dollars in your pocket to having enough money to have everything in life you want. Most of us fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

What it all boils down to is this:
  • I make my living selling information.
  • You're looking into making money online.
  • I'm willing to teact you exactly how I do it, for a very fair and reasonable price.
The ball is in your court. You can take action and go for it, or give up your dreams and go back to your old job and all that goes with it. One thing for sure, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.


What do you believe about yourself?
I'm not going to promise you'll get rich at this. The potential is certainly there, and I've done very well, but I can't promise you will because, as I said, I don't know you.

I know other marketers are more than willing to blow smoke in your face, but I'm assuming you have enough intelligence to understand what I'm saying without me resorting to hard sell tactics. I've never liked hard sell and I've never liked being sold.

So, sell yourself on this idea. I'd love to make a sale to you, but I'll do fine whether you buy or not. If you think you're smart enough to follow my lead then you probably are. If you think your not then you're probably not.

It doesn't matter that I know almost anyone can do what I do, what matters is what you believe about yourself.

Check this sales tacktic out!
Oh look, I misspelled "tactic" in that heading. Did you notice? A lot of people would, and will quietly feel they are at least as smart as the marketer because they know how to spell it correctly.

Did you know some marketers misspell words intentionally? They do, because they want you to reason that if they're not even smart enough to spell "some word" right and are still getting rich, you ought to be able to do that well too!

It's another selling ploy. My pet ploy is telling it like it is. If you don't appreciate that, boy are you on the wrong freaking page!

I'm Tired Now.
Look, I'm getting tired of thinking up stuff to say. Buy eBook Farming if you want to learn how to make money selling information products. Or don't. I'm not going add on a bunch of bonuses because frankly, if you don't think the main product is worthy, why would any bonuses change your mind?

I can hear you now, but, but, but . . . you sound like a motorboat. I know, I know... EVERYBODY offers free bonuses and you'll feel cheated if you don't get one. Okay, I'll give you a couple so you don't feel cheated, but it won't be just any old junk. Besides, I already told you I would earlier, I was just messin' with ya a little bit!

By the way, here's another little piece of knowledge for you . . . many times those "free bonus" offers you see are either products that weren't good enough to sell on their own merit or they're old products that are probably outdated. You'll see that I offer TERRIFIC bonus products well-suited to the main product.

Okay, here's your free bonus number one...

eWriter Pro
eWriter Pro You need a way to make your information into an ebook, and with eWriter Pro you can easily make PDF documents. PDF documents can be read by both Windows users and Mac users, so you'll have a bigger audience than if you just make Windows ebooks . . . but, I also show you how to make Windows ebooks inside eBook Farming in case you want to make both types of files. Some folks do prefer Windows ebooks over their PDF counterpart.

Not only that, but you even get the resale rights to eWriter Pro. Resale rights means you can sell eWriter Pro yourself and keep all the money you make from it. How's that for a bonus that's relevant to the product—it not only makes the products you'll sell, but you can sell it too!

And here's your free bonus number two...
Scientific Advertising
eWriter Pro Scientific Advertising, the classic book by Claude C. Hopkins, is considered by many to be the best primer on advertising available. It's often called 'bible' of advertising. Originally published in 1923, it's timeless principles are as relevant today as they ever were.

The book may be out of print, but this PDF version will help you in your quest. I include giveaway rights with this, so you can use it as a bonus item for your first ebook. Even if you don't advertise, you'll learn a lot about marketing from Scientific Advertising. How do you think I've managed to keep you reading? Read and learn, my friend, read and learn!

So what do you want to do? You can either buy eBook Farming now, or you can keep reading. The entertainment value alone is probably worth reading the rest of the page, but maybe you're in a hurry.
Another cheesy sales tactic just ahead.
Hurry, hurry, hurry . . . this is a limited time offer! It definitely expires at and after that the price doubles! I can't afford to give it away this cheap for long.

Of course, if you come back tomorrow the script will change that date. Limited time offers can be legit, but are just as often nothing but another deceptive marketing tactic. Just look at the source code to see if the date is hard-coded or generated by a script. If it's not hard-coded, chances are good it's a false deadline to trick you into an impulse buy. It's a psychological fact many people will act when they think they might miss out on something.

Need an emotional appeal?
If you buy eBook Farming you'll become instantly rich, instantly beautiful or handsome, instantly infinitely intelligent, instantly popular, you'll instantly lose weight, be instantly happy forever, you'll be instantly sexy, and in three days Bill Gates will send you $10.00 for everyone you forward this web page to just because he's rich and stupid.

There—there are all the lies to appeal to your emotions. Now, do you want the truth?

If you buy eBook Farming you'll learn how to develop online income streams from your own information products. It shows you how to research them, write them, create them, and sell them.

How much you make totally depends on you, I can only give you the know-how to do what I do and I can't do any more than that, and neither can anyone else. And that's the truth. Buy it or don't, either way, I'm doing well—and either way, I wish you well.

Look out! Here comes another marketing tactic...
How much is this ebook? Look below, I've included all my fake prices and crossed them off so you'll think you're stealing it from me:

eBook Farming could sell for $597.00, and it's worth at least TWICE that much. Order today and it's yours for only $397.00. Order yesterday and it's yours for $197.00. But wait!!! If you wink twice and tug your ear I'll give you a DEEP, DEEP price cut and let you have it for just $77.00. It teaches you how to make money, if you follow through, you'll earn that back and plenty more, so that is a very fair price.

Um . . . seriously though, it's really just $27.00 if you buy today. Chances are it'll be $27.00 if you wait until tomorrow. See, I'm so upfront I even told you all the crossed out prices and artificial deadlines are fake, no other marketer would do that for you. I'm honest, and you can believe that.

Well, to be perfectly honest, if my wife asks me if her butt is getting bigger, and if it is, I'm not going to tell her that . . . I'll tell her it looks great! I am honest, but I'm sure not stupid.

Like I said...
I'm not getting rich - yet - but my only debt is my mortgage payment. When I am rich, I'll still be doing this. Why? It's fun! It really is.

And even though I'm not yet making those $23,004.54 checks every couple weeks, I do have this going for me:

  • I work for myself from home.
  • It's my only job.
  • I work when I want to.
  • I earn a good living.
  • I love what I do.
Can you say that about your job?

I started part-time, and that's what I'd recommend for everyone. Learn the ropes, let it prove itself to you, and allow a natural transition from employee to self-employed (if that's what you want) so there's no financial, emotional, or mental anxiety. I've been doing this for 11 years, full-time for 9 years. It's not a fluke. Information never goes out of style.

Here it is—the obligatory PS: Smart marketers always put a PS in their sales letters. It's supposed to make one last, brilliant point that hasn't been made yet that will the be difference-maker for anyone that's sitting on the fence. If you're sitting on the fence, watch out for splinters. It's embarrassing to have to pull your pants down for someone else to pull them out . . . especially over a lousy 27 bucks.

Look, I'm going to be more honest with you than I probably should. If that low price puts a big hole in your budget you probably need to learn how to manage your money better more than you need to learn how to make more. I also sell an ebook called The Incredible Money Book. It teaches how to make money go farther. It sells for $17.00 on one of my web sites, but I'll GIVE it to you for the asking if you just can't afford eBook Farming and really want it. When you can afford it, come back and buy eBook Farming. That's how much I care about people. I wrote eBook Farming to help people learn how to create an online income so they can have a better life. It's real. I'm real. How real is your desire to earn an online income?

Table of Contents
You can read a text excerpt from the chapters in blue text. You must allow pop-up windows to read them.
  1. Introduction
  2. What is an eBook
  3. Why You Should Start NOW
  4. When Isn't Research Copyright Infringement
  5. Five Myths About Intellectual Property Copyrights
  6. Why Sell Info-Products
  7. But Why An eBook
  8. Why People Would Pay for Your Information
  9. I'm, Convinced, How Much Can I Make
  10. Making Money Isn't The Only Benefit
  11. It All Starts with an Idea
  12. The Magic Key to Success and Profits
  13. The Essential Ingredients of Success
  14. How to Generate Topic Ideas
  15. Researching
  16. General Search Tips
  17. Power Search Tips
  18. Web Information Managers
  19. Getting Started Writing
  20. The Worst Mistake You Can Make
  21. 25 Writing Tips
  22. 30 Ideas to Overcome Writer's Block
  23. Some Causes of Writer's Block
  24. What NOT to Do When You Can't Write
  25. Creating a Title that SELLS
  26. Free eBooks and Viral Marketing
  27. Final Quality Check
  28. eBook Compilers (and How to Use The One I Use)
  29. How to Price Your eBook
  30. Developing a Web Site for Your eBook
  31. Web Site Design Basics
  32. Web Site Search Engine Optimization
  33. Search Engine Submissions
  34. Getting Your eBook Reviewed for Publicity
  35. 34 Other Places to List Your eBook
  36. What to Do If You Can't Take Credit Cards
  37. Create an Affiliate Program Easily and Cheaply
  38. 56 Places to List Your Affiliate Program
  39. Reverse Marketing Tactic
  40. 27 Tips to Increase Sales
  41. Bonus Section

  42. Grammar Tips
  43. In the Windows Version only:
    • HTML Maker
    • Meta Tag Maker
    • Character Counter
    • Color Tweaker
  44. Final Encouragements
  45. My Success Philosophy
  46. Special Offers
  47. Tons of Online Resources!
As you can see, I've nothing to chance. This is a very comprehensive ebook, but don't take my word for it...
If you skipped the main sales page and jumped right to the Table of Contents, then found yourself here, go back and read the sales copy. It's unlike any sales copy you've ever read. Besides, some items in this column won't make sense unless you've experienced the entertainment value of the sales copy first.
Maybe some testimonials would help convince you I'm just the guy to trust to show you how to earn money online.

Which testimonials do you want, the real ones, or the ones from other marketers who endorse my products so I'll endorse theirs?

If you want the marketers testimonials, do you want the ones they wrote themselves, or do you want the ones they picked out from a long list of things I wrote saying how wonderful I am and how amazing my product is?

This is getting complicated, I'll just show you a few from people in their own words. All testimonials are on file...

Your eBook Farming is the only comprehensive tutorial on this media I've read. Your grasp of what it takes to create a successful ebook is amazing.

Your chapter on your success philosophy is awe inspiring. I can't tell you how good it is because it's THAT good! Thank you for sharing all you know!
Rexanne Mancini

I love it! eBook Farming is a terrific value. With this information, you can launch a successful writing career, even if you're broke.
Eva Rosenberg (aka the famous Tax Mama from radio and television)
There's nothing else like it. A comprehensive step-by-step guide on making money with your own words. It's finally here, farming that pays!
~ Don Hunter
Thank you Dennis. I have been a fan for some time now, and for the first time in my life, I want to thank somebody for parting me from my spondoolies (money).

If every thing in the world was as sincere as this publication there would be no wars, plus and PLUS what a wonderful world this would be.

I am proud to be associated with you and what you are trying successfully to achieve.

After the first reading, the motivation is there already. I have a lot to learn, but I know I will get there now. THANK YOU!
~ Roy Palmer

Dennis has a way of painting a very complete picture - regardless of the subject matter. His writing is so clear and easy to understand, that the whole process of writing, publishing and making money with eBooks seems deceptively simple! That's because he walks you through all the necessary steps, providing samples, encouragement and outstanding resources!!

Regardless of whether it's his web site, his software, or his tutorials, you can always count on the quality being first rate. 'eBook Farming' is another great example of how well he walks his talk!
~ Katie Darden

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best:

Written Content:10
Easy of Use:10
Ease of Understanding:10

I had already been thinking about it, but your book has definately motivated me. Well done!
~ Lee-Ann Palm

I have read 50% of the eBook over the weekend and I am awestruck. It's exactly what I would have expected from you, bloody brilliant!
~ Pamela Heywood
A Professional Review
A lot of online ebooks are full of fluff and not worth the digital space they take up, but that's definitely not the case here. I actually printed out the book so I could thoroughly absorb its content at my leisure.

Information products are hot sellers online and marketing your own product in the form of an ebook is a great way to control your own destiny and the amount of money you can earn on the web. If you've been thinking of writing your own ebook, I highly recommend you purchase this one as a reference guide.

Dennis also fancies himself a bit of a philosopher and the final chapter of the book is like a mini course in motivation. He calls this his "success philosophy." He's actually very good at giving this advice. If you subscribe to his ezine, which I highly recommend, he shares many of these philosophical gems in each publication.

There are so many products out there and just writing an ebook of your own is not going to guarantee your success. You need to get the word out to make the sales! This book takes all the work out of it by pointing you to the best sites online to market and promote your new ebook. Imagine having all of the hard work done for you; now all you need to do is write your book.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy!
~ Merle Stinnett