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Easy Graphics 101

Easy Graphics 101

Discover How to Make Your Own Website Graphics Using Completely Free Software!

Forget long learning curves—these "over the shoulder" video tutorials will have you making your own headers, buttons and more in no time!

When it comes to website graphics, you have three choices...

You can use the same free graphics that thousands of other sites use if that's the message you want to send to the world.

Or you can hire someone to make custom graphics . . . if you have a a few hundred dollars to spare.

Or, you can simply make your own and have the best of both worlds—custom graphics for free!

Here's some of what you'll discover:

Video #1: Introduction to Graphics Editing
This video gives you a quick overview of the video course, which free tools you will need, how it all works and more.

Video #2: How to Download and Install Paint.NET
We will be using Paint.NET, a free image editing program that is like a scaled down version of Adobe Photoshop. You'll be shown where to download it, how to install it, and get it ready to be used.

Video #3: Understanding Paint.NETís Features and Tools
Like any software, knowing and understanding the features will help you get started right. You'll learn to create a basic graphic.

Video #4: Catchy Text and Mirroring
Creating snazzy text headlines, sub-headlines, and understanding text mirroring.
... this is text mirroring

Video #5: Catchy Shapes
Itís a known fact that the human eye looks at arrows and other shapes. Learning how to create and use shapes effectively can help you create effective graphics. You'll learn how easy it is to do just that.

Video #6: Remove the Background of a Picture
Want to remove the background of a picture and replace it with something else? Imagine a great photo of you or someone close to you, only the background is horrible. In this video youíll learn how to remove the background and replace it with something else.

Video #7: Layers - Making your Editing Life Easier
Layers are your friends. Why? Think of several sheets of transparent acetate stacked on each other, each with an object on it. All the objects combined make a whole picture. This is what layers is like. They allow you to rearrange the order of the objects, or to apply effects to one object without affecting the other layers.

Video #8: Plugins - Making the Software more Powerful
This is powerful software, but if you want to add more effects to your arsenal, this video will show you how through the use of plugins.

Video #9: Banners and Headers
How would you like to design your own banners, buttons, and headers? At this point in the video series, you have learned a lot, but now itís time to take it to another level with banners and website headers that will make your business or work look more professional.

I'm including hundreds of blank buttons, banners, and headers. You can quickly add your own text after watching the tutorials and have all the buttons you need saying exactly what you want. Here are some sample buttons...

button samples

Nice! There are almost 500 blank templates in this graphics collection. The blank graphics alone are worth the low cost of this package, but you'll get the graphics, the video tutorials, plus future video tutorials as they're added . . . all for just $17!

That's an AMAZINGLY low cost investment for all you get!

Grab it while the price is this low, because as I add tutorials the price will go up—but grab it now and you'll never pay another dime more—you get lifetime access for one low, low investment.

Let's recap what you're getting here...

You get 9 "over the shoulder" style video tutorials that gives you the same view as the video creator.

You get almost 500 blank button, banner, and header templates to use on all your sites. You can even create your own collections of derivative graphics to give away or sell. The only thing you can't do is sell my blank images. You must add your own text. Just think, of the millions of people who rely on others for graphics, many could be getting them from YOU! Make money, or give them away and require a link back to your site and get some search engine love!

You get a lifetime membership for one low cost. All future additions will be completely free for you!

There's just one catch...

Each membership has to be set up manually at this time, so you'll have a short delay to gain access. If you can live with that, I've got a membership with your name on it — don't miss out on what could be yours — order now!
Get Easy Graphics 101 Now!
Satisfaction Guaranteed Yes, Dennis! I'm excited to get started making my very own graphics. Thanks for the great price!

I understand I'll have lifetime access to the mini-member site and will also have free access to new content as it's added—even though people who join later will have to pay more.

arrow Click there to claim your membership!

Important: Because I have to manually set each person up with a password I'm unable to give you instant access. I will process your order quickly though, it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

P.S. Using your own custom graphics is the one thing that will set your site apart from all others as soon as a visitor lands on your page. You no longer have to be on the outside looking in. You CAN create your own custom graphics and join the elite group of webmasters who control their own image. Rather than envying others, you can take pride in saying, "Yeah, I made the graphics myself."