Yikes - you have been busy! If you haven't given yourself kudo's - do so now. Your body of works are amazing! If content is king your crown is on the way. I like the clean design, the content speaks for itself.
- Jan MacGregor

WOW!!!! The new members site is truly amazing. You have always been the one I turn to when I need help or info, and the cost of being a member is well worth it. I have used many of your tips and programs in the sites I have done. Thank you for making them available. I can't see how you can improve on what you have done but, knowing you you will find a way! Keep up the great work. I would definitely recommend you to any and all. I would be honored if you would want to use any of my comments as testimonials.
- Hugibear
I love your tutorials. They are the easiest to understand I've found, and believe me, I've seen plenty!
- Deborah K.
The reference charts are great. I'd never seen such comprehensive, yet easy to understand, HTML and CSS charts. These alone are worth joining for, everything else is gravy.
Jerry D.
All I can say is "WOW!" I really appreciate all the work you put into this new site. The site is nicely laid out, easy to read and follow. I will be recommending more people to you. The value of the membership (as if it wasn't a great bargain already) just took a giant leap. Thanks again,
Gail Robertson
Open Road Morgans
Hi Dennis,
I love your new site. I have been a member of your old site for quite some time now. One thing I think is really good is the very front page. It lets people know right up front whether it would be worthwhile for them to become a member. The table helps people decide whether the web community is right for them and reflects what you have always done - be honest, open and upfront with people. My url below links to a site that uses one of your free templates - thanks for that. All the best with your new site!
- Meg Learner
Wow! The new site is great. It's packed with informative pieces written in understandable language. It's well-organized information, laid out in perfect format to allow fast navigation right to the specific points of interest. And it's very pleasant to the eyes. Thank you for all the hard work you've obviously put into the presentation of these tips on website construction as well as the thoughtful advice regarding just living life as an acceptable fellow planet dweller. Where else is all this offered in one compact, easy-to-access compilation of data? As a lifetime member, I am excited about the final product. I have not one suggestion to make the site better; you're doing an excellent job without me!
- LK Howard
I have been a lifetime member of yours for almost two years now and have enjoyed the hints, tutorials, and other tidbits that you provide to your members. You have always been responsive to both questions and feedback. This new web site is nothing short of awesome. It's well constructed, easy to navigate and chock full of useful information. I love that a lot of reference information is available at one location and it's from a reliable source. I look forward to seeing further developments. Thanks!
- Samantha Lawrence
I just cannot say enough nice things about all your stuff.
- Margie Elmendorf
I like the new look a lot - I tend to be a minimalist so the simple layout and use of lots of white space appeals to me and will bring me back. I really like that I can very quickly discern exactly what's offered on the entire site and that there's a quick overview in case I'm not sure what the section title refers to. Nicely done and Thanks for a lot of great stuff.
- Deb Overbey
Hi Dennis,
As ever my friend, you’ve brained ‘em. The site is content-rich, friendly, easy to navigate and, best of all, simple.
- Jeff Mason, Australia
I like the site and how it's setup. As always, you make it easy to navigate and find items. I recommend your newsletter to our other Automation Relations Specialists who work at the hospital. A finer piece of instructional material has yet to be discovered by me. I vote yes.
- Jim Gest
I just visited the new member site and must say that I love it! You've got lots of great content, enough to keep someone busy for a while. Great navigation, too. Keep up the great job.
- George Miller
Looks great - easy to navigate, and that's so important given the richness of content you offer.
- Jim Gleason
Hi Dennis,
Great new site. Spent a bit of time this morning looking around. It amazes me how much information you provide and how logical your navigation is. Poor navigation is one of my bug-a-boos.
- Bob Wilson
New site is excellent, love the colors, navigation, and simplicity of it all. Makes me want to do some redesigning on my own sites!
- Bruna Coveleski