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Almost Free Products Club

Almost Free Products Club Rocks! The Almost Free Products Club is a digital products club like no other. Here's what you get:

You'll get most of my product releases at no additional cost.

You'll usually get 1-3 of my brand new products each month. The regular price of each of these titles will usually be equal to or more than the club dues, and certainly the total value will far exceed the dues.

It's like getting 1 or 2 of my products free each month for buying one low cost product, but that's not all...

You'll get products from other vendors at no additional cost.

In addition to my software products, you'll also get 1-3 products each month that I buy the rights to from other merchants. Many times these will have resale rights, master resale rights, or even private label rights.

You'll get link-building Wordpress themes.

You'll get four new, never-before-seen Wordpress themes each month. You can modify the footer to include a link to your site (easy instructions are included) and then give these away from your site to build valuable links on autopilot. My link is already there as the theme designer, and your link can be there as the theme distributor. Screenshot images are included so people can see what the theme looks like.

AND... you can also sell a license to your customers to remove our links if you want, and you get to set your own link-free license price and keep all the money for the licenses you sell (suggested license cost: $10). You'll either get money or links! The screenshots below from a previous month should give you an idea of the quality of the themes.

link building Wordpress themes link building Wordpress themes

link building Wordpress themes link building Wordpress themes

You'll get link packets to help you build more links.

You can't have too many quality links to your site. With a fresh link packet each month I'll steer you to a handful of high PageRank sites where you can either create an account or leave a comment that will create a one-way link back to your site. One-way links are much better than reciprocal links.

Summary of Your Monthly Haul

Each month you get: When you consider most of my products sell for $17 to $47 and you get 1-3 of them each month, plus 1-3 products from other merchants, plus the link building Wordpress themes and link packets, the monthly haul is easily worth around $80 to $100 (or more) each month. Being a member of the Almost Free Products Club won't cost you anywhere near that though.

Your Almost Free Products Club membership is just $17 a month—you'll get way more value than that from it. You can cancel any time, no questions asked ... I'm very user-friendly. :)

Limited Openings

This is an an exclusive club. I'm capping the number of members at 100. Once it's filled, it's filled. If you don't get in before all the spots are taken you'll have to get on a waiting list until someone drops out. If you see an order form below there's still at least one opening. If you see a mail form, that's to get on the waiting list.

You might wonder why I'd cap the membership at 100 members since I'd earn more if I let more in. There are three reasons:

Double Your Pleasure This Month

You'll always have access to the current month's downloads and the previous month's downloads. You know what that means, right? Yeah, you get twice the usual haul just for signing up. If you wait, you'll miss some of the goodies! Sign up today before your spot is taken by someone else!
Almost Free Products Club
Yes, I want in on this exclusive club and that monthly haul of goodies!

All this for just $17 a month is a great price, but if it isn't for you, you can drop out at any time with no questions asked. When you join you'll have access to the current month's goodies and last month's goodies. Please note that with so many products being made available at such a low cost, there are no refunds.

Click there for a great monthly haul at a crazy low cost.

Important Notice: This product has to be set up manually for each club member. I'll process your order and set up your account usually in 24 hours or less on weekdays. Your first monthly haul is coming right up!

PS - Just to give you an idea what you can expect, at the time of this writing the products the member's got last month for their $17 were: The value of those products total $99, not counting the exclusive Wordpress themes. The value of the themes is hard to guesstimate—what are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of links worth, or how many licenses will you sell? But, since I offer a suggested price of $10 for selling the license to remove our links, I think it's fair to say the themes are worth at least $10 each. That's $40 more, bringing the total haul to $139 for last month—and remember, club dues are only $17 a month!

That's an outstanding return on such a small investment.